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My Story


Hi, My name is Jennifer Thayer or more commonly known as Jen or jenbear92. I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan November 27th, 1992. I grew up in a small house in the ghetto of one of Kalamazoo's worst neighborhoods. As much as I can remember It was relatively ok neighborhoods but that would soon change when I was 3 years old. There was a drive-by shooting at my neighbor's house while my sisters and I were playing in the yard. It was at this point my parents decided to move us from Michigan to Elkhart, Indiana's where I would spend most of my life. I went to Jimtown community schools and graduated with honors like the rest of my family. I started to pursue dance when I was a senior in high school after several years of show choir. The only sport I ever did in high school was track and I wasn't the best at it but I held my own.

After Highschool, I started to pursue dancing more with a dance group called "Diversekrew." I loved to dance and would make this my main focus for many years of my life putting a lot of things on hold like my college education and work. I continued dancing for 5 years with the group until it ultimately fell apart after several members lost the passion for it. With the dance crew separated I focused my attention on my own dance career and moved to Cali to pursue dance. I learned a lot by being in California. I learned about the culture of dance and many behind the scene hidden truths that would lead me to change my focus from dance to streaming and youtube. I never fancied myself as being a good streamer but I did it because I liked my fanbase. I enjoyed giving others a way to be happy. I would pursue most of my stream career on twitch until I was banned from the platform for making fun of another streamer. I shifted my interest to an app called tango where I aimed to prove myself. That is what lead me to the point of my life that I am at now. This may not be the best story you've ever read but it's just a quick summary of my story.


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